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Amazing!! I love it! Yesterday I had botox...

Amazing!! I love it! Yesterday I had botox injected in my crows feet and Juvederm in my laugh lines. I have had NO bruising and minimal redness/swelling. It looks fantastic. I am convinced that the experience you have is completely dependent on the doctor/R.N. you see. Initially I went to a very well known and respected hospital in town for a consultation. The doctors bedside manner was abrupt and hardly informative. When I asked about side effects, possible things that could go wrong, and solutions if they did, she balked and replied "Well I never have had anything go wrong" Her cockiness was a deal breaker for me. By contrast the clinic I ended up going with spent 45 mins with me answering all my questions in detail, going over all options and putting my fears to rest. When I arrived for my first appt the R.N. sent me home because I had taken Advil a few days before...she said she wanted my experience to be positive and I could bruise a lot due to the ibuprofen. My appt yesterday was almost 2 hours long. She numbed me and then before each shot applied direct ice to the area. The ice was uncomfortable but the extra time she took to do that I believe made the difference. I actually went out later that night! Its a miracle since I am a red head with extremely pale skin who bruises if I lightly bump a door! I am glad I listened to my gut and canceled the appt with the first doc. I am only 33 but it easily took 5 years off my face! Yeah!

Well, unfortunately my amazing results did not...

Well, unfortunately my amazing results did not last. Within a month and half it was hardly noticable I had had anything done.! My doctor believes due to my metabolism it just wont work for me...I am wondering if I just needed an extra syringe. They have recommended Radiesse but I am very unsure due to the reviews I have seen. Its a bummer it didnt last , it looked so good! If anyone else has had this experience and had better results the second go round I would love to hear from you!

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