Juvederm Not Good for Facial Scars

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The cost was $275 a syringe. We went to my...

The cost was $275 a syringe.

We went to my girlfriends Doctor who has never performed injecting Juvederm, so we were her test dummies...the Dr. did have a women who was (an expert injector)???? well..I was asked what do you want..so I told them I wanted bigger lips, since I don't really have any, and to fill the lines above and below my lips. The Dr. and asst. said sure.

Well, once they did my lips they started working on my lines. Well, the asst. said that the lines in the corner of my mouth were not wrinkles they were scars from being so badly sunburn when I was a child, she pointed out a couple on both sides of my mouth. So, they proceded to inject both upper and lower, well I guess all the (lines on by U/L lips are scars because none went away.

So just a warning if you don't know the difference, like me between wrinkles and scars Juvederm will not work on skin that has been burnt and blistered like mine. I like my lips....I just wish I would have stopped with them.

You do need some kind of pain relief, there is no way they could have done this without giving me a shot.

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