Not Too Happy - fairly thin upper lip - New York, NY

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I have a fairly thin upper lip and have always had...

i have a fairly thin upper lip and have always had to "draw" outside of my lips to make them look bigger.i started doing my research on lip injections since i was too scared to get a surgery and honestly wasn't sure if i could afford it.finally after a lot of arguing with my husband i got juvederm.i cant say the procedure was completely pain free but it wasn't SO bad without the block.well its been about a week now and i don't see any difference whatsoever.i must say my lips looked so much better the next day of the procedure when they were SWOLLEN,atleast they looked husband keeps saying i completely wasted the money since there is no difference.infact he says that my lips look like "crocodile lips" from the left side because now they have these two weird bumps.infact i recently went to a dinner party where a friend asked me if i got something done to my lips,not because she found them looking bigger,but because of the bumps on the overall...juvederm didnt work for me.i dunno if i shud've gone for restylane instead...i dont afford much and feel like i threw the money in garbage:(
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