Juvederm in my Tear Troughs

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A few months ago (in February 07) I got Juvederm...

A few months ago (in February 07) I got Juvederm for my tear troughs. I had deep indentations in the tear troughs that stood out from the rest of my face. I always looked tired and old... not good at 38! I love what Juvederm has done. The troughs are gone and my face is now smooth from my eyes down to my cheeks without any indentations. This makes me look refreshed even if I’m not doing anything else differently. Other people have noticed the difference too and that is a major change; they don’t ask if I’m tired anymore and instead comment on how nice and “awake” I look. My skin is very thin but I like that you can’t tell I had anything done except that I look better. My only complaint is that once my tear troughs were fixed I found it accentuated other problem areas on my face. I’m disappointed that Juvederm will not last longer. I would like them to come up with a product that absorbs slower and will last for 2-3 years. Even if I can afford Juvederm treatments it is a pain to go in every six months to get it redone. I have scheduling conflicts and also I would like to take a few days off after I go, because there is some mild bruising and it’s uncomfortable. I am hopeful someone will come up with this miracle but maybe not since the doctors make more money with repeat Juvederm business. I have no doubt I’ll be going back and they’ll be getting my repeat business.
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