Looks Great in Lips, but Results Are Short-lived...

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First time to have Juvederm injected into both my...

First time to have Juvederm injected into both my upper and lower lips... was somewhat nervous, but procedure was not that painful.  Received a numbing topical anesthetic first that was placed on both my lips and gums, which worked rather well!  Next came the Lidocaine injections (the numbing medicine), which the needle is tiny and doesn't hurt, but the medicine stings just a bit.

Those two, in combo, numbed me up pretty good, so as far as the actual Juvederm injections, you don't really feel much, just a little bit of pressure.  Trust me, the pain is not that bad at all!

Loved the results for about (2) weeks (not a lot of post swelling from the procedure)...looked pretty much normal after Day 2, so you can return back to regular activities with ease...had 1 vial injected.

The only problems are:

#1- the results are short-lived; I absorb this stuff either unbelievably fast or should have gotten more (I feel like my lips look like they did before I had the injections and I just had them done a month ago), and

#2- I have some lumps that are persistent (even though I massage them constantly) in the inside of my upper lip (swell up more as the day progresses and I can feel them with my tongue)...may try a different filler next time...expensive stuff to not last that long...I know Juvederm doesn't last as long in the lips, but I was expecting at least 6 months...

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