Thrilled with Juvederm

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I've tried a lot of lip fillers. :)  While I...

I've tried a lot of lip fillers. :)  While I was one of the few who loved Radiesse for the lips, it is no longer available.  After that I tried cosmoplast (lovely, but too short lived), zyplast (didn't last a week on me), Restylane (good results but shortlived), and now Juvederm.

While the clinic does not dental block, they do use a fairly effective numbing cream.  I also have them shoot in a tiny bit of cosmoplast because the product had lidocaine in it.  What ever is left we shoot in where ever the whim strikes me LOL.

While I'd say the after affects of juvederm are a bit more painful than the other fillers I've tried, I had way less bruising than with other fillers, and I have to say the results and bang for the buck factor are phenomenal.  I had one vial, divided between my lips and just beneath the corners of my lips where they were starting to turn down.   Considering my experience with other fillers, I thought I'd need two vials.  She insisted I wouldn't, but I could always come back later if I still wanted it.  I really don't need it!

Initially, I was pretty swollen for about 36 hours.  Had that lovely Goldie Hawn/duck bill look.  After that settled down, I noticed that my lips and the area beneath filled out and smoothed out nicely as the juvederm took on moisture from the surrounding tissues.  Absolutely no lumps, but a bit of firmness beneath the skin that continues to soften up as the days move by. 

All in all, I'm thrilled.  If the Juvederm lasts even four months, I feel it will be money well spent as I metabolize everything else  besides Radiesse at an alarming rate.

Bougainvillea Clinic, Winter Park, FL

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