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I had my second juvederm experience yesterday....

I had my second juvederm experience yesterday. Last February when going in for a Restalene injection for my laugh lines (which also works great in that area!) , I decided to try it in my lips. The nurse practioner suggested we go with Juvederm instead and I was thrilled with the results! I will never go back to how my lips looked before.

I went again yesterday,not even because I absolutley needed to yet-there was still product in my lips , but because my boyfriend went out of town, and I wanted to take advantage of having some recovery time (last time i told him i triped on the steps and hit my mouth , to explain the swelling) I just don't like copping to these very personal things we may want to do to improve our appearance. Nobodies business but our own!

Anyway, it is a day later now and it looks great! Hurts like hell during the injection, but only for a few moments, and the pain lets up immediately as soon as the needle is out.

I agree with many of these messages, it is all about the skill (and the artistry) of the person doing it. If they know what they are doing, you will look great. The woman I went to was just fabulous and very skilled. Definately do your research. It is worth it though to spend well under 1000 or so, for a quick proceedure that will comepletely refresh your look and (for me anyway), lasts a very very long time. I adore Juvederm!

Kara at Dr. Michael Cohen's office

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