Juvederm for Lip Augmentation

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One of my friends and I decided to go together to...

One of my friends and I decided to go together to get lip augmentation. Both of us are very happy with the results.

The injectable filler specialist (nurse) at TCC is really great. She is super friendly and makes you feel comfortable. She recommended juvederm although the same clinic also offers restylane and artecoll. I already researched that both restylane and juvederm are similar and that artecoll was more permanent. I explained to her how my biggest fear was over-doing it and looking like a duck. For a first timer I think she put the perfect amount in.

I'm not going to lie, the needles are unpleasant and sometimes I could even taste the anesthetic. After the procedure I was scared because for the first 3 days i was very swollen. I had one bruise and when i opened my mouth there were a few visable bumps.

After my "recovery" I was very pleased. The end result was even and very natural looking (bumps and bruising gone). My top lip matched my bottom and both were fuller.

A few weeks later we went back and did it again lol. That is why I paid $1100 ($550 each time). Recovery was a little quicker the second time. It is now three months later and I still look great.

I'm thinking that when the juvederm goes away I will try the more permanent artecoll.

Toronto Cosmetic Clinic

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