Juvederm for Laugh Lines --- Didn't Totally Remove Them but a Major Improvement

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*Treatment results may vary

I am 29 years old and my skin is looking fine...

I am 29 years old and my skin is looking fine except for some lines around my mouth from smiling so much (who would have thought smiling had negative consequences!).

My doctor numbed me up a bit with some numbing injections and the entire procedure took about 10-15 minutes. The pain wasn't too bad and I was just a little swollen afterwards. I did feel like it went so quick that my doc was rushing it, but maybe that's just how fast it happens. Within 5-6 hours I had just a slight bruise in one spot that looked like a pimple but I was swollen for 2-3 days (probably just noticeable to me). The bruise went away in about 5 days.

Overall it helped a lot and I am happy except that on one side it didn't totally take away the line but it is barely noticeable. On the other side it was totally taken away. The doc said that if he did inject more in the line still remaining that it would make my face look like it was bulging out in that area which is not what I was looking for.

So overall I am glad I did it, of course depending on how long it lasts! The main thing is that I no longer notice and obsess about those lines which is definitely worth it to me.

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