Juvederm Has Given Me an Upper Lip!

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I just got my first lip enhancement ever today......

I just got my first lip enhancement ever today....went with the Juvederm, and even though it is still a bit swollen, i am LOVING what i see and feel.....i had a *very* thin upper lip...almost to the point of being non-existant, except for a little bulb of flesh right in the middle....kind of like Michael Keaton's lip shape, if you can picture what that looks like. Anyway, I wanted a REAL upper lip, and I now have it for the first time. My upper lip was so thin, it took two amps of juvederm....pricey at $500 an amp! But I am SO happy, and feel SO much more conident about my appearance! No complaints thus far at all! It was mildly uncomfortable, but with the numbing lotion they put on before, it was just a mild stinging sensation.....and well worth the results!
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