Juvederm Differences

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I originally was prescribed RetinA to try and get...

I originally was prescribed RetinA to try and get a glow to my aging skin. I ended up with fine wrinkles from it being so overly dry, so the doctor suggested Juvederm. It worked for the fine lines around the mouth, but then I got a deep crease and wrinkle out of the corner of my mouth, as if the Juvederm filled in the upper lip so now it needed to crease somewhere so now I had a deep crease and wrinkle out the corner of my mouth.

What I can't understand is why the doctors don't make sure they don't create these new lines there. I went to a plastic surgeon the other day specifically for that wrinkle out of the corner of my mouth, yet he believed in using the whole syringe at the same time and without any numbing cream at all and now I can't even smile with my top lip. Plus instead of getting rid of the wrinkle out the corner of my mouth, I now have TWO deep creases out BOTH corners of my mouth. I hate it. I always try and be optimistic (after I cried) and think I at least match now with a matching deep crease on the other side but it looks horrific with these deep creases that will wrinkle like the one did and get much worse...and I don't know what to do about it.

The thing is I went there to get rid of the one wrinkle out the corner of my mouth and now I got 2 plus longer, deeper creases. Plus I paid $525 and he made things worse. I almost went back to show the doctor but he believes in using the full syringe all at the same time, and I didn't know if he would try and put a full syringe and another $525 in the marionette lines to offset the deep creases or if it would make the creases go further out into my cheek area or something. I asked the secretary if he used Hyaluronidase acid injections to reverse the Juvderm and she said no. So I just cry and don't look in the mirror right now. I wondered if any moisturizer wrinkle fillers (like Strivectin or Olay) would help.

Any suggestions?

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I thought most doctors did Juvederm the same. They use only what is needed and save the remainder syringe for the next appointment. Plus I thought they all used numbing cream. This last doctor didn't believe in using numbing cream (which I didn't mind) but I didn't think a full syringe should have been used since I believe that is what caused the deep creases out the corner of my mouth... I just wish I could make it go away.

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