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My main problem was two lines running from under...

My main problem was two lines running from under my nose to the top of my top lip. I was getting Botox injections that helped, but did not rid me of the problem areas. The nurse suggested a filler injection to achieve the desired result. I got juvederm injected into my lips and the two problem areas above as well as slight creases at the corners of my mouth. Having slightly fuller lips actually made one of the upper lines worse and created two new lines. My smile looks odd. The creases on the corners did not improve at all. I went back to the doctor twice. She said I need more Botox. We've yet to rid me of the lines I wanted to get rid of in the beginning! I now have the additional lines to get rid of. I can't wait till the Juvederm gets reabsorbed by my body. I am not happy. I was happier with my smile before Juvederm and now am battling extra lines above my upper lip. The Juvederm did fill out my lips nicely, but unfortunately, I don't think the new lines it created above my lip were worth it. I am allergic to local anesthetics, so did this without any numbing cream or injections. I didn't think the pain or bruising was that bad. It was quite uncomfortable, but not severe. The substance burns/tingles going in.

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