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I have been contemplating augmenting my lower lip...

i have been contemplating augmenting my lower lip for a while. my bottom and top were pretty even in size, and i wanted a little more pout on the bottom. had one full syringe injected yesterday, and am incredibly happy so far. my doctor injected it on either side, and twice close to the middle. i had a nerve blocker before the juvederm, so all i felt was pressure when the filler was going in, so i have no idea how painful it is without being numbed first. after the procedure was over, my lip did feel very tight, and i could feel bumps on the inside at the injection sites. over the next few hours, the tightness decreased considerably, but was never terrible - i was drinking thru a straw 10 minutes after the injections. the swollen bumps have disappeared completely today. my lip is still swollen overall, but no trout pout at all. i have one bruise, at the site of one injection, about the size of an eraser head on a pencil. so far i could not be happier with the results. i think the biggest point to consider is trust in your doctor's skill. this may seem like an obvious point, but i would recommend talking to other patients of the doctor who have had the procedure done before you do it yourself to see what the doctor is actually capable of. if the doctor will not put you in touch with other patients to get feedback, RUN away. if anyone needs a doctor referral in the DC - metro area, let me know, my doctor is amazing!!!
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