10 Years Younger! - San Diego, CA

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I had three syringes of juvederm 2 weeks ago...

I had three syringes of juvederm 2 weeks ago.

I did this because I had hollows under my eyes, NL folds and marionettes. Recently I had 2 fraxels and my skin was looking good but couldn't deal with deep wrinkles.

We did the eyes first. Just a little ice under the eye and then the injections. Painless! I had a couple little dots where the needle went in but no bruising. My hollows are gone and I don't look tired like i did before.

Then the NL. It hurt a bit more there but once the needle is in it is painless. Doc used a syringe on both sides. The lines are GONE!

I had wanted only 2 syringes but needed to buy another for the marionettes. I'm in early 50's so need more. I still have a bit of line but still a big improvement. Again it didn't hurt much at all.

I had the juvederm with the lidocaine and when it wore off I was a bit sore and had a headache for a couple days.

Final results? FANTASTIC! I get so many comments asking if I lost weight, say I look great, etc. No one knows what I did but they see something is different but don't know what, which is what I wanted.

Hopefully this will last a while. Swelling seems to be gone.

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