Juvaderm in Tear Trough Looks Unnatural

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I should have known better than to get all excited...

I should have known better than to get all excited about a discount this random place was offering -- they were totally unorganized -- and ugh...

anyway i wanted to have the fillers done and healed in time for valentines day -- the doctor insisted it would only take four days for the bruising and swelling to reside.

it was more like 4 weeks, and even still I have bruising along my trough that I've had to use a concealer to even out.

I also have what appears to be a long thin red scar where the doctor injected the needle along the trough. it has not gone away at all.

my eyes look all poofy, like he put too much of it. I cant wait til this stuff goes away because I would rather have my look before than the one Im sporting now.

I feel disfigured.

From my experience i would not recommend doing this procedure. Or at least go to a place that has a reputible experience and dont let the price fool you. You get what you pay for

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The office staff was highly unorganized and uncoordinated. Steep discounts appeal to your pocket, but don't be fooled. You want a place that has a lot of experience especially if they are playing god on your face!

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