Just Getting Started - Thermage seemed Like a good alternative to the knife - Redmond, WA

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Ever since thermage first became popular a couple...

Ever since thermage first became popular a couple of years ago I have been watching to see what happens. As I get older I have been considering getting a face lift. I know the dangers, I've heard the horror stories and the success stories. Thermage seemed Like a good alternative to the knife. I have been reading, watching and waiting and it seemed to me that as with any other procedure there are numerous variables the need to be taken into consideration and even then there are no guarantees.  I had breast augmentation about 20 years ago and have had them redone since. They have their good points and their bad. I've seen as many bad breast augs as good. For every good story there is a bad. Just like any other cosmetic procedure. All the implant manufacturers were sued and yet women still get implants.  They are all a roll of the dice and the odds go more in your favor if you choose a reputable doctor etc.  I see all kinds of statistics and numbers being thrown out there for thermage yet I haven't seen any real studies supporting these figures. Even with breast augmentation for each study that supported a view there was an equally impressive study supporting the exact opposite view.

For all those with the horror stories I thank you for sharing them. It helped me make a more informed decision and helped me to ask the right questions. I'm sorry for all the bad thermage caused you. My heart goes out to you. I just had it done today. My eyes have lifted and that alone made the procedure worth it to me. However it is early and only time will tell. I will be back to share my experience with the hopes of returning the favor by sharing my experience.

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