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I had smartLipo 4 weeks ago, I had 4 areas done...

I had smartLipo 4 weeks ago, I had 4 areas done (stomach, lovehandles, inner and outer thighs), it would have cost £5500 but I got a special price and paid £3k, It was very painful, especially the inner thighs, but I got a train home afterwrds, the antibiotics knocked me about but I did 3 full day meetings including a plane trip the following day, I had to wear a full cosmetic girdle and peed continually but otherwise I managed. To date I have seen no change.. except my skin tone and the fat beneath the skin is alot looser - like jelly in places, but I was told to expect this and not to expect to see the full results until 3-4 motnhs after surgery.. takes quite abit of faith! In the meantime you should drink 3l of fluid per day and try and eat 300 cals less then you burn

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