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I have 2 experiences: my treatments consisted of 6...

I have 2 experiences: my treatments consisted of 6 week spread apart appointments of 1. Lactic Acid chem. peel - in which the discomfort was super mild, almost more of an itch factor, and my skin looked like it was glowing. Lynn, my esthetician of choice, recommended that I take baby steps in my quest for a full-on chemical peel, and so I made my next appointment for a more mild phase 2. glycolic peel. Which was justthismuch more uncomfortable - but afterwards, my face has not been glowy, and actually, I can see more hyperpigmentation (read: sunspots) and so I am lagging on making any more chemical peel appointments. I dunno…I am way scared to end up looking burned or with worse liverspots (as my mom likes to point out I got from teenage sunworshipping practices). I am a bit scared to do the glycolic again, and am terrified of vitamin C facials too :(
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