THE JURY IS OUT - but Leaning Towards Positive

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I am early 30's caucasian with bad melasma on...

I am early 30's caucasian with bad melasma on forhead, temples, under eyes, and upper lip from BCP's and sun exposure. Everything I have tried till now has worsened the discoloration. I have had 2 fraxel laser treatments and see incredible improvement uner the eyes and upper lip, and a vague 'breaking up' of the dark pigment on my forhead. The doctor reccomended 6 treatments for my case, so I understand I am still in the beginning. However, given the price of each treatment, i am skeptical and concerned about being scammed. But I guess I will just keep going until I am happy, or feel that no improvement is being made. I did not find the treatment at all unreasonably painful. YOU NEED 3 DAYS BEFORE YOU FEEL LIKE BEING IN PUBLIC though. Red, puffy, and weird for 24 hours, and then dusty peeling for 5 days. CAUTION: YOU MAY BREAKOUT IN HUNDREDS OF LITTLE WHITEHEADS. This is gross and best aleviated with a topical antiseptic gel in liu of moisturizer. Also ask for fewer passes over breakout prone areas. It's not a miracle, BUT THIS IS THE ONLY THING TO IMPROVE MY MELASMA AT ALL, so I am happy. Do it on a Friday and hideout till work on Monday.
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