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I went for a face lift the 5th july, i stay 1...

I went for a face lift the 5th july, i stay 1 night at the hospital (thanks God) and very week at home,today is the 5th dat post op. and i had no bruise at all. But when i stand up i feel dizzy, i have very low blood pressure. my Surgeon is one of the more experience in town, he is doing Plastic Surgery from 38 years,very confident, i have a natural look and my eyes did not become smaller (as most of the women after a FL) i have been 171 minutes under surgery. my GA was a fantastic thanks to the anesthetist that is super professional. All the nurses and staff was great,apart that on the menu for dinner i had a Burger (how can someone open the mouth after a FL? ) so i ask for a soup...........the worst thing of all is sleeping on my back: I am use to sleep on the side and last night i found my self with my fist between the side of my front and the pillow............must tell you the first 2 days strong pain, and i really feel i went under Jeremiah's Johnson tomahawk. here no compression helmet ,not at all. No need to do scar under the chin for my neck,was not necessary .

6 th days post OP

Front stiches remove.Going back the 9th day for the rest behind my ears.
i am feeling much better , still weak, so i stay in bed watching movies, don't want to push my body against my mind: it never work. My Surgeon is handsome , funny,experienced and also talk my language.........only sometimes (while he is doing this from AGES) is to quick and i wish to have a bit more attention,i think comunication is very important.
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