Liquid facelift turned out great!

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Dr. Jafari and her team at Amoderm helped me greatly with getting the results I wanted with the liquid facelift procedure. After years of ignoring the wrinkles and saggy skin I took the courage to talk with a doctor about it and I was so glad to find Dr. Jafari. She was extremely helpful and we discussed various treatments and decided on what we felt fitted my look and my expectations. I know I didn't want to do a total make over and I was afraid of ending up with a fake look but as Dr. Jafari reviewed the pictures of her other patients and explained her recommendations, I felt confident that she knew what she was doing and I left my face at her hand! Behold after a few shots here and there (botox in the forehead, restylane in my under eyes, and voluma in the cheeks) the clock was turned back a good 10 years on my face! I could see the results of fillers right away but she advised me to wait a few more day for everything to settle (and the Botox to kick in) and now at 3 weeks later, I am so excited about the reuslts. It's still my look and nothing that screams out (which was my number 1 fear), but I look a lot more youthful, energetic and refreshed. The dark circles under the eyes that I hated so much are almost gone, so are the other lines and folds. The magic of Dr. Jafari’s art and skill can be best appreciated when I look at myself now and compare it with pictures they took from me right before doing the injections, and it's day and night. I love her natural looking and balanced work!

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