Lipo Touch-up on Upper Abs After Tummy Tuck - Awesome

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Two days ago, I had Lipo on my upper abs using the...

Two days ago, I had Lipo on my upper abs using the tumescent technque method meaning I was given a local anesthesia and awake for the entire procedure. I am 100 percent thrilled with it.

The procedure itself is relatively pain free. You feel a few small pinches but nothing more. The anticipation of pain for me was way worse than the actual procedure which only took 20 minutes table time. I was up and feeling great the same day! Currrently, I am a little sore but nothing more than a good work out feels, a little swollen, no bruising (unbelievable!) and one small stitch in my belly button. I have to wear my binder for 2 weeks, can't do any serius excercises other than that --- I feel great and my problem area is GONE!!!! I love my results and would do it again in a minute.

I am writing this review because I read so many scary reviews about this type of lipo and I am here to tell you - it's 99% pain free and the results are great!

One last note, the real cost is $2,000 but my doctor did it as a final touchup to my tummy tuck for $300. Worth every penny. I would have paid more for it.

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