Can't Wait to Be on the Other Side

I've read and read and read the reviews on this...

I've read and read and read the reviews on this site and I've finally decided it's my turn. In four days I'll be having a gastric sleeve. I'm excited yet nervous. 50yo woman needs this for health reasons. High blood pressure, heart palpitations, Gerd to name a few. And ultimately i need this for me. So prayers up. Pics coming soon


So I'm on the other side. It's been hard. I'm really weak the gas is horrible. My blood pressure was super high 174/124 in the hospital but I didn't take any meds while in there. So I took my meds and now it dropped shop low so hard 96/69. I'm wondering if that's the cause of my weakness. Having a hard time tying to get in my liquids.
Jacksonville Bariatric Surgeon

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