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My consult is Monday coming 11/21/2016. I am...

My consult is Monday coming 11/21/2016.
I am seeking a TT/BA.
I have three children and DID NOT get any stretch marks with my first child.
I had my boys back to back they are less than a year apart and they were super low!
I have serious stretch marks however uniquely my stomach is flat and I'm in decent shape otherwise.
I hope that the Dr. will include some lipo as the other two Dr's I've consulted did without additional charge. I have a whole list of questions.. I will post before and after pics and let you guys know what's going on EVERY step of the way!!! I work at St. Vincent's Riverside so his office is two floors down. BLESSINGS!!!!!!

1 Day Post Op

How's everyone doing??
I had surgrey yesterday 12/15/2016. Someone cancelled so I was able to move up to this Thursday????. I also got cold feet and decided to go with the BA Only.
My specs:
Mixed Race
535 cc Mentor Gel Implants
Approx 36 DD

Surgrey took 45 mins and I was released home 1 hour later.
I'm super happy with the results

3 WeekUpdate

It has been a true experience. I'm just starting to get sensation back currently only my left breast. My right was more achy the entire process!! I still cannot sleep in my tummy lol my favorite position. However, the scars are completely healed!! Pain is gone and I'm currently just wishing they'd bounce and drop. I don't know if it's the type of implants (UHP) but they don't look big to me. They in fact are big because a 36D fits me tight after being measured a couple days ago. My husband loves them??????
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