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Called Dr Hollie Hickman in Jacksonville Florida. ...

Called Dr Hollie Hickman in Jacksonville Florida. I am going to be honest. I have called a lot of offices, trying to figure out who I wanted to use. The office staff is super nice over the phone. That let me ramble a bit answered all my questions quickly with no need to call me back, even gave me a couple pointers on dropping my weight before I go down for consultation. I am impressed all ready. I have never seen such good results in a online gallery as I have with her procedures. I am excited to finally be getting this done. I have been needing it for 14 years, but saving for 4 years. I do need to be fully dry from breast feeding and drop the last 40 lbs of my baby weight from my last child. So I am now ready and on my way.

Any help with diet would be awesome, anything that your guys have found. I am a dieting expert lol, I drop 150 lbs about 10 years and 2 kids ago and have been able to maintain that. But if you guys got any new stuff let me know.

Also any pointers on what all I will need post op would be great. The things you guys could not live with out.

First consultation.

I had my first consultation in July. She was awesome and honest. I already knew I needed to drop some more weight and she was straight forward with that. I am looking forward to my next consult in November.

Nervous!!!! 11 days till the flat side.

I have paid in full and now its just waiting for time to pass. I am no longer afraid so much I am gonna die as I am afraid I will come out not looking right. I have almost everything prepared and just counting the days. Every visit to Hollie Hickman have been amazing. She is amazing, her staff is amazing. I am so excited, and nervous.
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