Fraxel Treatment-Jax - Jacksonville, FL

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I had my first fraxel treatment done on 12-29-2010...

I had my first fraxel treatment done on 12-29-2010 in Jacksonville, Florida. The total cost is $3060 for three treatments. Pain went away an hour after treatment but I was slightly swollen and pink.

The next morning I woke up extremely swollen (my eyes almost swollen shut) and extremely red. I am currently on my third day and I woke up only slightly swollen, pink but flaking. During my procedure I didn't have any numbing gel applied or any pain meds prescribed. I asked about the numbing gel and was told by the nurse that she has had the procedure done on herself both ways and she stated that the numbing gel is a waste. I was told that the next procedure will be longer and more painful.

So now I'm having aniexty about it. The first treatment was painful and I always thought I had a high tolerance for pain. Is it normal not to have numbing gel? The verdict is still out whether this procedure was worth it or not. I'm hoping that by Sunday that the swelling will be completely be gone and I can cover up any redness with make up.

Had my second Fraxel treatment on Monday Jan. 24,...

Had my second Fraxel treatment on Monday Jan. 24, 2010. This time I had the numbing gel applied which cost an additional $25. You would think for the cost of having the procedure that would be included. Anyway, the day of my procedure, the swelling was immediate compared to the first time when swelling didn't occur until later that evening. Of course, redness was immediate.

Second and third day the recover seem to be quicker than the first procedure. I am not as swollen as my first procedure. My eyes did not swell shut. The redness seem to be subsiding quicker than last time.

My skin did not feel as leathery as the first treatment. I did apply aloe vera as soon as I came home till now. I also applied ice pack immediately after arriving home. It seems like the recovery from the second treatment is faster than the first. I hope to see a significant improvement with my melasma and fine wrinkles with this second treatment. I will keep you updated. Third treatment is already scheduled for Feb. 28th.

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Since I can not leave the recommendation blank, I am going to recommend for right now. The verdict is still out since this is my first treatment.

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