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I have always had bigger breast, I was okay with...

I have always had bigger breast, I was okay with it until I lost over 100 pounds and the "friends" didn't go anywhere. I went from a 44DDD to a 36DDD & F (right breast). Soooo, I cant say it was due to my weight. I get severe muscle spasms, burning sensations under my shoulder blade and hopefully this will alleviate my headaches. I eat pain pills and muscle relaxers like m&m's. I am just tired of struggling with them and am ready for a better quality of life. I went on Oct 14 for the initial consult, insurance submitted (Aetna) and denied. Unfortunately, the doctor did not submit the required grams according to some scale the insurance company uses. The denial was appealed, reviewed and reversed. I am scheduled for my Breast Reduction on 1/13/2012, yeah Friday the 13th is my lucky day :)

I am soooo disgusted right now, so i called my PS...

i am soooo disgusted right now, so i called my PS office to ask if i could schedule the pre-op stuff of this week since i am off. I was advised they would be calling that day to confirm the 1/13 date....WTW??? I thought is was already confirmed for the date...she called me back and advised me they are booked for that day and they could get me in on 1/16 or 1/17 and i know that doesn't seem like much of a difference...but to me its a big deal, I had already set up my support system...we are working people over here and I don't have alot of people that can be with me on weekdays..i know it sound like i am whining nonetheless i will deal with it..i just needed to vent.

Well I received a phone call today from the...

Well I received a phone call today from the doctors office and was totally not prepared for them to tell me my surgery is now scheduled for 1/12!!! I feel like I have no time....but I am so ready for this, Yes I am nervous and unsure but the thought of not having muscle spasms and pain far outweighs the nervousness. Just wanted to update you all with my new surgery date.
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