Finding my Way Back to Me - Jacksonville, FL

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I've been going to Dr. Kirk's office for smaller...

I've been going to Dr. Kirk's office for smaller things for quite a while now, but I felt it was time to go for what I really wanted...a fat transfer breast augmentation. My consultation went very well with Dr. Kirk. In preparation of the fat transfer I have begun to use the Brava system to help increase circulation in my breast tissue. It has been a challenge to get used to, sometimes downright frustrating, but it does what it says it does and I've noticed an increase in my breast tissue. I am wearing it each night for approximately 10 hours. When I wake in the morning my breasts are swollen and full looking. Throughout the day the swelling goes down a bit. I've been using the Brava for about 2 weeks and have seen a difference in my breasts already. I am looking forward to having my procedure and seeing the final results.

Finding my Way Back to Me - Jacksonville, FL

I asked my doctor for my original photos so I could share my journey with you. I've included a photo showing where my skin was a little bit irritated from the Brava

Finding my way back to me

Here are my photos after 3 weeks of using the Brava System. I had my pre-op appointment with the nurse practitioner Becky the other day. She is wonderful. She helped alleviate some of my pre-surgery jitters by answering all of my questions. She went back over with me everything Dr. Kirk and I had previously discussed but I had forgotten when my imagination went wild with nerves. She was super supportive. I am still a little nervous (never having done anything like this before) but I feel much better now that I went back over with someone what the plan was and aired out some of my nerves. I will be having my Fat transfer breast augmentation in a little over a week.

Finding my way back to me

Tomorrow is the big day! Here are some of my pics after 4 weeks of Brava System and before the fat transfer. I feel the volume in my breasts has increased. I can tell they've already gotten a little fuller since my original pictures. I am excited to be getting the fuller breasts I've been wanting for such a long time, and am even more excited that I can use my own fat to do it. I remember joking with friends here and there years ago..."It would be nice to take some of this (grabbing the pudge) and move it here (pointing to my breasts)" That seemed like such a far fetched idea to me then, and yet tomorrow it's a reality! I know I've been talking a lot about my breasts, but I am equally excited to have the Lipo done to move the fat from other parts of my body to my breasts. I'm including a body picture and will adding more soon.

Finding my way back to me

I had my procedure done last Thursday. The staff at the surgery center were great. They were all professional and attentive. I had the procedure first thing in the morning. As afternoon rolled around I still felt pretty fuzzy. I did not even really remember the car ride home. Definitely make sure you have someone around to check up on you once you get home. I probably would not have taken my medicine correctly if not for them. I slept a lot on that Thursday. Friday I was feeling better. I only took one pain pill that day. I just didn't feel like I needed more than that. I was sore that was for sure, but it felt more like that kind of sore that nags after a really hard core workout. Every once in a while though, I was reminded by a little sharp pain where the lipo incision sights were. I would somehow rub one or turn funny or sit on one and I would get a little not so friendly reminder :o) The pain did not last but rather just caught my attention. I will be including some pics I had my friend snap when I had my first follow up in Dr. Kirk's office on the Friday. By Saturday I was up and moving more frequently (partially because I was restless) A friend even picked me up and we sat in a coffee shop and enjoyed a cup of coffee together. I was slow of course, but otherwise pretty o.k. That night I noticed my feet were a bit swollen. I propped them up and the swelling slowly went down. When Sunday came I was even more restless. I decided to get up, do some laundry and clean,but that tired me out pretty quickly. Having my compression garment on probably had a hand in my tiredness. It's of course snug, and I feel like I get winded pretty quickly. I am glad to have it though. I do feel better with it on. Today I will be back at work. I have a desk job, so I will be doing quite a bit of sitting. I will be getting up fairly frequently so I can just get things circulating. I am really glad I decided to have this done and I am glad I went with Dr. Kirk. I have been very pleased with my experience thus far. As you will be able to see in the photos I'm including, my breasts are still quite swollen and heavy. I look forward to seeing the final results as time goes on and my body continues to heal.

1 week post op fat transfer breast augmentation- happy girl!

Today I went to Dr. Kirk's office for my 1 week follow up and had my stitches removed. There weren't very many, only where the little incisions were for the lipo areas and just under the breast where the fat was injected. My breasts have begun to soften up but are swollen and full feeling. My body where the fat was liposuctioned from is a little swollen, kind of a watery feeling and somewhat sensitive. The bruising seems like it is fading pretty quickly though. I am totally loving the curve in my sides and my thighs.

Overall I feel really good. My energy level is coming back up and I do not seem to be getting fatigued quite so quickly. Wearing my compression garment has become a normal part of my day, and I find myself actually liking to wear it. I feel like I don't notice the sensitivity as much with the garment on. I have begun lightly stretching and plan to work my way back into my exercise routine very soon. The pictures I am including are from today's visit at Posh.

Happy girl- natural breast augmentation (fat transfer)

My surgery was done on August 6th, so I am just under 2 weeks in these photos I took this morning. The initial surface bruising is gone and now the deeper bruising has come to the surface and is beginning to fade. My breasts still feel heavy and swollen although not as much as they were before. They are feeling softer. The areas where I had liposuction are still somewhat sensitive. Along with the bruising looking better, the swelling in those areas is looking much better as well. Although I am not quite done healing, I still feel like this procedure was totally worth it.

Happy girl- natural breast augmentation (fat transfer) 2 weeks post op

Two weeks post up. I feel like I am really seeing a change in the areas lipo'd. The bruising continues to look better and better. I have not noticed any bumps- all seems to be smooth and in order. Overall I feel like things are coming along nicely both with my breasts and the areas lipo'd.

3 weeks post op- breast aug- fat transfer...still smiling

Today is three weeks post op. I am feeling really good. Dr. Kirk lipod fat from my inner/outer thighs and flanks and transferred to my breasts. She put about 550cc's in one and 600 in the other to even them out a bit. I am very happy so far with my results. My bruising is almost all the way gone and the swelling in the areas lipod is almost completely gone. I can't wait to see what I look like around the 6 week mark. I'm still really glad I had this done and if were asked, I would recommend this procedure for someone wanting the types of changes I did...and of course I would recommend Dr. Kirk :o) I think she's brilliant!

4 weeks post op fat transfer to breasts- still smiling :)

I am feeling great. All the bruising is gone in the areas lipod, and my breasts where the fat was put in. It seems that the volume in my breasts is holding pretty well, but I won't really bra shop for another couple of weeks just in case there is any swelling still hanging on. I have gone down a pants size since the procedure which to me is equally exciting. I am still very happy with my results thus far and am glad I went the natural breast augmentation route. It feels like a win/win to me...natural fuller breasts and a body that I feel more confident about.

Almost 5 weeks post op- Happy girl :)

I am so pleased with how I am healing and how my body is looking. The areas lipod are still a bit sensitive but not too bad. I'm in the home stretch for being able to go bra shopping :o) I've decided to hold out until my six week mark before I go on my little spree. Next week I will have another follow up with Dr. Kirk. I think she'll be taking updated photos. It'll be neat seeing my before and after photos taken in her office. It's been a cool little adventure over the past several weeks and I can firmly say I have no regrets :o)
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon

Love.Love. Love! Dr. Kirk! She's been great! I felt it was super important to find a Dr. that made me feel comfortable. I felt immediately at ease with Dr. Kirk. Her staff is great too. I always have such a pleasant experience when I go to her office. The ladies there are always friendly and helpful. Would absolutely recommend Posh Plastic surgery to anyone looking for a plastic surgery office that offers a caring and compassionate environment.

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