20 Yrs, 5'2, 130 Lbs, Small Frame Female Attempting to Get a BBL! (James E. Hardy) - Jacksonville, FL

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First of to whoever is reading this, hey...

First of to whoever is reading this, hey beautiful! LOL :) So, I have seen thousands of pictures of the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure and I was amazed by the jaw-dropping results! :O
I've always wanted to have a bigger frame but I've been cursed by being unable to gain weight (even though I eat like a piggy). I have managed to gain a little more weight now, I used to be around 115 pounds or so, but now I'm 130, but guess where ALL the weight went to? My belly, love handles, and back. How great right? -__- So now I look like anorexic and prego. :( Anyways, I came across this website and there is not a lot of reviews of smaller frame girls, so i decided to make a review for us little noodles out there! I had previously consulted another plastic surgeon who had told me I was too small for the BBL procedure but I visited James E. Hardy here in Jacksonville and told me he COULD perform it on me. I haven't seen many good personal reviews on Dr. Hardy on this website, many haven't included NO type of pictures, so I also decided to do this review for that reason! Hope I can help out a lot of you guys by giving you a better review and actual pictures whenever I get my surgery in November! Much love and stay tuned for the post OP. Muah! XOXO<3
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