Considering Breast Augmentation/lift Post Op TT of 14 Months - Jacksonville, FL

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I had my tummy tuck 14 months ago. I didn't do a...

I had my tummy tuck 14 months ago. I didn't do a breast augmentation at the time but now am ready to consider and have been researching . I have another consultation Monday July 11th. I know with my tummy tuck I lost a lot of sensation in my abdomen ..., I don't mind so much, it was worth it. However I keep reading about losing sensation in the breast/nipples permanently isn't a big risk. That's what they said about my TT . I just want honesty ....
I'd like to hear from some of you who had the augmentation / lift and your thoughts about your end results . I do have very small breast small A's and the tubular issue as well. I would like to go to a full C if that's possible and not too much stretching causing nerve damage .... Any thoughts

Need a lift ... Working out can't change these lol

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