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I have had to deal with large breast since I was...

I have had to deal with large breast since I was 15. Even then I was a DD. When I got pregnant with my daughter at 21 I carried her up high in my chest so of course then I was in like a ordeal. I am so nervous about my surgery. I have been reading the stories on here and getting scared. My doctor told me that it would be good to try and lose 30lbs before surgery. So I have been hitting the gym everyday. I have lost 10 lbs so far.

35 one child, long awaited breast reduction

Well time is winding down I'm getting a little more nervous. Less than one month to go and I really trying to push myself to lose as much weight as I can. I have lose 17 lbs and feeling good. If I can loose 15 more I will be doing great. This surgery has been something I have wanted since i was in high school. The teasing and bullying has stuck with me for so long. I was never really comfortable with the way I looked. I always tried to loose the weight but with my breast it was so complicated. I have thought about this surgery fo a long time and now I think I'm truly ready.

35 one child, long awaited breast reduction

My surgery date is getting close. I haven't built up enough nerves to post before pics yet but I will soon. I will be so relieved when this is over. I really can't wait. I am scared though but through prayer and faith I will be alright.

35 one child, long awaited breast reduction

Time is winding down I only have 15 more days to go and I'm getting nervous. How do u let go of a part of u that has been there for so long? Even through all the pain the many years of stress it's almost time.
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