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I was a size 4, but unhappy with the small pooch...

I was a size 4, but unhappy with the small pooch of fat underneath my belly button. I look back and realize how silly I was to have had something invasive done. I went to Dr. Malhotra for options and he said that I was ideal for lipo. He suggested my lower belly, inner and outer thigh.
I did go to another clinic for another opinion, where they noted that I didn't have any fat at all on my outer thigh so that wasn't an option at all. That clinic's hospital was too far on the other side of Detroit (close to work, but not to home) and I decided on Dr. Malhotra, who - being board certified - does know his stuff. I did pass on doing my outer thigh.
I deeply regret doing both my inner thighs and my lower belly. It was not worth it in the least - and I wish that I'd been spoken to about the other options such as cool sculpting. Whatever position I was placed in during the surgery tweaked my hamstrings so badly that I did PT stretches with a friend for 8 weeks before I could even get back into my yoga class. And - it didn't really work. My thighs now look worse than before - the clean lines between my legs are sort of crooked. My tummy is a little flatter, but I had a long recovery from the surgery and it took months to get back into the gym in which time, I gained a few pounds that have been very stubborn to lose.
If I had to do it all over again, I would go non-invasive and have kept my workout routine identical. Doing the lipo procedure actually took me back a few steps.
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