Lower Eyelid Surgery to Remove Bags - Jackson Heights, NY

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After lower eyelid surgery to remove bags. This...

After lower eyelid surgery to remove bags. This scars directly underneath my eyes have somewhat cleared up but now it seems like I have bags near my cheekbones! I tried to take a picture of it so you guys could see. I'm not sure what to do! The surgeon said that it'll clear up entirely in June that it takes six months but I'm not sure if he's right.

6 months after my blepharoplasty still have bags!

It's already 6 months since I had lower blepharoplasty done
however the problems I encountered before surgery is still somewhat prominent. The hollowing under my lid and my under eye bags are still very prominent. I do not understand what happened. It’s been 6 months post-op and it’s still swollen. I’m depressed, because I saved $5,000.00 of my money to pay for bad results. Not sure what I should do.

Pre-op Photo

This is a picture of me a day before my surgery and I have attached another pic 6 months after. So it could be side by side.
Dr. Doe

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