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I had rosacea, which had persisted for years, with...

I had rosacea, which had persisted for years, with accompanying redness, oiliness, clogged pores, very enlarged pores, and other typical rosacea signs and symptoms.

My dermatologists tried everything: topical Flagyl (metronidazole) in every formulation, various antibiotics, dietary changes, topical Vit A, various acne treatments, etc. Nothing worked.

Finally, as a last resort, my dermatologist put me on a daily LOW dose of Accutane. It worked!

Naturally, as with every medicine, there have been side effects, such as chronic dry skin, an increased sensitivity to any little trauma (my skin stays red longer at the site of any cut, scrape, pinch, etc.). But those side effects are manageable and tolerable, especially compared with the rosacea effects that I suffered with for years.

Accutane is a dangerous drug with serious side effects, and as an RN I urge caution and moderation with its use. Always try to go with the lowest dose possible, and use it ONLY when you've exhausted all other possibilities for treatment.

Accutane does have its place for some patients, and I was one of those who were helped by a moderate dose of Accutane.

Cleveland Dermatologist

My dermatologist was careful and conservative in her recommendation and use of Accutane, only after trying all other treatments. I appreciate her caution and wisdom in that regard.

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