It Was Good but Yet It Has Its Downside

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I had this done last yr but a local dr. im petite...

i had this done last yr but a local dr. im petite to begin with so i really didnt have much fat and i did it more for the skin tightening aspect as i have two kids.

the goodside is that that flabbyness when i lean over is pretty much gone. the downside is that it left two decent size scars on my lower abs area which i notice them they are like small circles and if i wear a swimsuit i cant wear a lowrise one. he also took out too much fat which left me a lil lumpy looking.

i was told by another dr that he took out too much on me and hence the reason im lumpy, im now doing lipotron 3000 w dr sherwood baxt in paramus nj. hes a well known top surgeon in nj and i shouldve have gone to him from the beginning

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go to a more well known plastic surgeon

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