It Doesn't Work and Very Painful

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I tried 6 treatments of mesotherapy along with 4...

I tried 6 treatments of mesotherapy along with 4 treatments of Triactive about 2 years ago.

The pain was awful even with the numbing cream. The worst part was about 4 hours later. You get really bad bruising and swelling to where you can't even sit. That might be worth it if it did it's job but it didn't. I saw no changes except for maybe my celluclite getting worse.

This may work on bigger people with a lot of fat, but I am a size 2. Even though I am skinny, I still have cellulite but this didn't help at all.

Caroline at SkinSpaMed- sales associate

The lady I spoke with will sell you anything. She will say how much this or that procedure works but has not knowledge of how it works. I asked her to give me some research articles explaining the mechanisms of action and she stood there clueless. She couldn't even tell me the names of the chemicals they inject or what they are supposed to do in the body. She was just there to tell you what you want to hear to sell a product.

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