It Has Been Exactly One Week Since my Full Tummy Tuck

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I read lots of reviews and have to say I was...

I read lots of reviews and have to say I was terrified!!!

I had an amazing doctor that I have know for years and had total confidence in him I was just afraid I wouldn't be able to handle the pain.

I wont like to you the first day I really don't remember but the next 2 I though I was dying. After the 3rd I got better and better and today (just 7 days out) I feel about 80% back to normal with hardly any pain!!

I am soooo glad I did it...I feel more like the old me and can't wait to get back to the gym to tone up the rest of my body to go with my new tummy. The scar is low and will be easily hidden with whatever I want to wear. The only negative I can think of is my belly button is a little higher than I would like but who cares! I look sooo much better and damn it after 2 kids I deserve to do something to get ME back!!!

I say go for it and if you are in Georgia or a surrounding state I would say make a drive to Dalton Ga to meet my doc!!! He is the best doctor in the world!

I hope this helps and if I can answer any questions let me know!

Dalton Plastic Surgeon

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