Septoplasty-Not Confronting my Purpose - Istanbul, Turkey

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I had a septoplasty in September 2010 because of...

I had a septoplasty in September 2010 because of aches all around my head. I had a neurological examination and then my doc said that i should see an ENT specialist. So i did it. Approximately saw 4-5 doctors,all of them said same thing:"You have headaches because of deviation in your nose. You must had a surgery." So i laid down under the blade for the surgery. It lasted almost 30 mins. I haven't had complications or sth. else,recovery was easy for me. But after recovery there were problems about my nose,breathing is so difficult and headaches had raised so much. I went so many times to my surgeon and he always said i am so healthy and there is nothing wrong about my nose. But I am upset,because I have problems. I am still seeing so many doctors for solution.

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