FUE 4500 Grafts at Cosmedico. Turkey, TR

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Being on Cap for the past 2 years and needed to...

Being on Cap for the past 2 years and needed to call it a day and came across Cosmedico online who answered all my questions promptly, plus the cost was one thing that convinced me to give it a try specially the hotel was awsome, Not a bad idea to call it a vacation to turkey and same time get the hair thing done.

After 3 months and half

It seems odd but not even one of my transplanted hair did I shed, All my transplanted hair is still intact but am not sure if they grew stronger or they what's going on
Looking into my photo of before and after is actually confusing as am not sure if my previous hair r there or the new ones

I would love to hear from any expert in this
Not Dr.Acar

So guys to break this down, I went to cosmedico in Istanbul and after my experience in there I didn’t saw any reviews that reflected all aspects in the ground, So the part where you contact them and they reply on time with great deal of info and you sending them back your pics and getting the 4500 grafts reply is all the same. Once you arrive at the airport they tell you to go to this FIDAN TURIZM and they will straight forward take you to the hotel tempo without any pay, the next morning this young dude will come by and take you to the medical center which is 5 min away and they pay the taxi 15 lira. Once you arrive at the building they will take you to 12 floor and you will see a guy who is NOT Dr. Acar but he will say am doctor xyz, and with him is another lady who is also the one who make lines on your forehead, by the way none of them speak a word of English, So their translator is another girl who also happens to speak Spanish and little bit of English, I forgot to mention the part where in the building directory, the floor info panel or their 2 by2 meter rooms do NOT have any name or whatsoever, Even in their office there is no mention of Cosmedico at all, that was a big wonder for me and I once asked the translator girl where is Cosmedico name and why I don’t see a name on the wall of the office or anywhere, and her response was " this is hair transplant center” period. moving forward there is no way on earth they even checked their system about my previous communication with them or anything like that , they called me into a room and told me to remove my glasses put a thing on my head made some lines and they say we can’t cover everything in one session so we will cover the front part only and that you will need a second ops, I tried my best to refuse that but they were reluctant and said my hair will look unnatural and I will not like the results and they will have to make a lot of space between the grafts and that I will feel bad about the whole process, so I was convinced Also in the tiny room were me a lady who was making the marks on my head, the doctor and a translator and the room was already overcrowded, it’s that small, After I agreed to the process I paid them without a receipt and was told to wait outside, blood was taken and before the results I was taken to fourth floor with 3 ladies who didn’t speak a word of English, we went to this tiny room divided into 4 parts and was laid down, they changed my shirt and started the anesthetic injections , before I knew the ladies were coming and going and all of a sudden I saw a new lady working on my head, Not sure if they were training but the messed up part is you will feel that you are a deaf person as they don’t speak a word of English, I had problem explaining to them I need to go to the wash room, Not even a hint they got it, I had to say "toiled" "I need to pee" "washroom" " hamam (Arabic)" and amazingly they don't even understand the work "fuck" ... Finally I was so mad I had to point to my dick to and then they understood and stopped the process and let me go to the washroom Anyways it looked like one lady was certified to use the punching tool on my head and another one was doing the anesthetic injection but the rest of the ladies who pulled my grafs and put them in the forehead were rotating based on who gets a phone call for her personal stuff and that was really very unprofessional. Yeah also for some weird reasons they chat between two sections of the room and you have to put up with this noisy for the next 7-8 hrs. Seems like you get what you pay for. After the process and DOC who I met first came by and told me through translator that it looks good and was asking if I have questions. I did had a big question as they planted hair on tempels although I had hair in it, and their response was we were filling the empty spots to make it look natural , I was like why would you fill empty spots when I already have a bald spots on by crown, So they just went over the same sentence. My honest conclusion was they were doing it intentionally to have me come back again for another session, as their answer was just the same sentence again and again even though my previous pictures were clearly showing it unnecessary and the fact that they didn’t bother to understand my argument just killed me. So if you’re planning to go to this location it would depend on you personally I would say don’t fall for the 2 session trick it’s just a game they play and it works in their favor. I liked the cleanliness in their noname clinic thought kudos to that next day I went on my list of destinations around the city famous tourist spots with my hoodie on all the time, so Yes you can go around and have fun the same night and the next day and the days that follow I went back to them 2 days later after I myself removed the bandage on the back of my head and it healed, Remember to take with you some pain killer as they will only give you 4 paracetmols.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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