Dr Mete Aksu Comfort Zone Bbl and Vaser 2 - Turkey

Hey guys so I'm booked in for bbl and vaser 2 fat...

Hey guys so I'm booked in for bbl and vaser 2 fat transfer to buttocks il put all my before and after pics up nearer to the time I've decided to go with doctor mete aksu comfort zone I'm going with my mum who's turkish and I'm half turkish myself from what I no of turkish surgeons they are very advanced professional and serious your probably all thinking 3000 that its to cheap and to good to be true well in there money it's tripple that so don't think its to cheap because it's not. I have seen the bad reviews on butt implants but to all you guys thinking of having butt implants I had my breasts done 4yrs ago in the UK by an elite surgeon he did a few patients who were celebrities butt implants (I can't disclose who for obvious reasons he told me as we are also personal friends) he advised that butt implants is the worst procedure to come in to the plastic surgery game and how they will never sit right wether they are breast butt or feet implants really girls I don't wanna hear nothin about the implants if you have good feed back on the vaser 2 or fat transfer please feel free to leave a comment il keep you posted step by step x

Not long to go

One week today il be out of here il post my before pics evening of surgery :))) the look im going for

1 day post op

Hey guys so I had my procedure done yesterday and God willing I will be fine they keep the pain under control and nurses here are very attentive how ever I do advise takin some one with u even though they are very attentive. Language barrier bit of an issue but ok for me coz my mum speaks turkish. If any of u guys want pics I can inbox them
To you just comment below and I send them to you . Dr mete seems nice how ever skin wise I have always been blessed with quick healing and great elacity so I should be cool in around a week met a few people at the patient villa and they were post op looked great. With out these pain killers tho I wouldn't want to think about it lol any ways I will keep you posted guys Xox

Hey girls

Ok so I be honest this recovery has been noooooo joke pain is unbearable result lookin good tho ;) my waist smaller already but bigger and suprisingly so far no dents tbh I had such a stomach before I had dents any way lol I'm still here i have my post op app Tomo so will post update soon I wanna upload my pics but I have distinctive tattoos and really don't want any one to recognise me lol for some reason I can't send them thru dm so if u girls are cool I what's app them to u x

25 days post

Hey so I'm 25 days post op and feeling great please if you want before and after photos I will email them to you so jus comment ur emails below..... I'm still swollen and size has reduced alot no problems so far so that's good.... Stomach is soooooo much smaller and butt reasonably bigger I had 800 cc in each cheek so by the time swelling goes down it'll be more like 650cc remaining (il prob go back for round 2) how ever I may be going to a different surgeon in izmir this time as its closer for me to family but il keep you updated for sure...

Round 2

Sooo it's been a while I am now 6months post op and I'm going back lol not to comfort zone to a different surgeon in turkey who did my sisters lipo and bbl he is so good better than mete aksu even tho.. Mete did a reasonably good job my results could have been better. Il put the surgeon in fo up shortly but I'm excited to go with him we will see

2nd round izmir

Hey guys I went through a clinic for 2nd round they are an aftercare villa in izmir I All info about surgeon is on thier website results are so far so good! I'm happy the patient co-ordinator was helpful as they have a team of surgeons and they all specialise in unique styles of surgeries Due to what your looking for Dr Ali is great at body sculpting and rhinoplastys


Rhinoplasty & Liposuction (arms)

Sooo ladies feeling great bums nice and big.. Waist small. He even got rid of that horrible scar tissue and all bumps I was left with after comfort zone. So now my stomach is nice and smooth I feel so good so I'm going for the nose job and liposuction on my arms. I'm sticking with Elite Aftercare because they just looked after me so so well and I'm in love with Dr Ali he's just great. I've seen a few of his Rhinoplasty's and I must say I am impressed so I put my trust in him. Paid my deposit today so I just need to book my flights now. I'm hoping end of June ???? Wish me luck ladies. Xxxx


Ladies Elite Aftercare are based in Izmir. Not in Istanbul and also I have had a lot of messages regarding the pain after surgery.. Yes with comfort zone I was in agony for nearly 10 days! Pain was intense! With Elite I was not in much pain truth be told I was up and about the day after surgery. And I recovered fast. Any other questions let me know ?? xxx
Mete Aksu

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