27 Years Old, Asian, 3800 grafts, Grade 6 - Istanbul, TR

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Hi All, Before starting my review, i would like...

Hi All,

Before starting my review, i would like to thank realself and all the reviews that have encouraged me to do the Hair Transplant. I have been losing my hair slowly from 20 years old. I did try minoxidil which did work for me, gain back most of my hair, but after 3 years of using the effect has slowly disappeared. I guess the DHT hormon must have gotten too strong. One day, i gave up with the minodixil, i was thinking there is no way i would use this for my whole life and it didn't really have any effect on me anymore. I am losing more hair after quitting as expected, from grade 4 to grade 6 in around 6 months time. For those who does not know, minoxidil only retain your hair if you keep using it, the hair will fall out once you stop using it, as you will be in your "real" hair loss stage.
I had been thinking of getting a hair transplant for awhile but after researching the cost in here (Sydney), it was not worth it. It can easily cost over $20,000 and the result was not that good. After searching on google, i found this website and i read the review. I found out that in Turkey, it will cost me a lot less that in Australia and the result are much better than in here. After going through the reviews for months, i decided i would go with Dr. Maral, the results from that clinic are great!
I will be having my procedure done on the 16th of Jan. I will keep updating the progress, i hope it can help people that have been struggling on whether to go with hair transplant or not.
Hopefully the procedure will go smoothly and i can gain back my hair :)

Day 0, post op

Hi All,

Finally, i had my HT done yesterday!!
I was so nervous but the team were so professional that they made me go through everything smoothly (not painlessly unfortunately, you can't run away from this one LOL)
I arrived at Ataturk Airport a night before, there was a bit of confusion as the driver was not there when i arrived, purchased a sim card, but it took me 30 minute to wait for the service to be on, called Mr. Sivas and everthing was sorted straight away so no major issue. I stayed at Levent Hotel like most of the patients, i got triple rooms as i am travelling with my parents as well for holiday, paid extra 40 euro per night (20 euro per extra person). The hotel is clean and the service is great.

The next day, i was picked up by Mr. Sivas at 9:30am, he drove me with another 2 guys, 1 from Manchester and the other one from US. The clinic is located pretty close to the hotel. Once we arrived, we were greeted by mrs. Sonnur and then we filled the form and paid the HT fee as shown on the email + extra payment for additional person accompanying you. Everything was quick and straight forward. We then met Dr. Maral, he is a nice and fun person. He is honest and straight forward as well, he will draw a hairline for you. As the other reviewer said, don't worry too much about the hairline, as it will change again depending on the maximum no of graft they will be able to get from your donor. I was then brought to the room, my head was shaved to almost bald and then this is where the fun part begin. I don't want to scare you but the injection part is painful as the other reviewer said but it is not something unbearable, i would say it is around 6-7 pain level out of 10 but again each person is different, you might feel worse or better than me. The first 20 injections (yes, 20, it wasnt a typo) were painful, after that you won't really feel anything. i reckon they made around 35 injections at donor area. After the whole area is numb, the team start the harvesting the graft, you wont't feel anything except some pressure, however you can hear the drill very clearly which does not really some comfortable LOL. I didn't have a look at the time, but i guess it took them around 1.5 hours and they managed to get 3800 graft from my donor site. I honestly was expecting a bit more but it seems that my donor area is not that great.

We had a short break after, i got grilled chicken with turkish bread which was pretty nice, i finished most of the meal. After i finish, it is time for the next step, which is to draw the new hairline and make the hole where the graft will be put. In my case the new hairline is similar if not the same as the one that was drawn by dr.Maral, but i was pretty happy with it as it was what i expected. Once the hairline was drawn, there more injections. These are much better than the first one, you only feel around 6-7 first injection, you won't really feel the rest. Once the area is numb, the pretty lady which draw you hairline previously start making the hole for the graft which took about 30 minutes, this was the most important part and you shouldn't move your head even your feet during this process. It was followed by the most time consuming step, filling up the hole with the grafts which took around 3 hours. Out of the 3 patients, was the last one to finish, probably because my hairloss was the worst compare to them. Once the HT was done, i was given some medication, 1 pain killer, 1 to prevent swelling and the other one, i forgot what it was for. I was then driven back to the hotel. Please becareful with your head especially when you enter the car, apparently, lots of people hit the ceiling of the car especially the tall people, your grafts are really vulnerable at this time, don't let it touch anything.

Day 1 Post Op

After reading most of the review, i noticed that most people had trouble sleeping on the first night, hopefully it was not in my case. I slept pretty well despite that i have to sleep straight with neck pillow to prevent my pillow from touching the recipient area. I slept around 9 hours in total, 5, 2 and 2. This was not because of the surgery, it is more because i was jetlagged. I was informed by the driver that i will be picked up at 11:00am to see dr.Maral. The driver came exactly at 11:00 and he gave a briefing to 2 guys in portuguese about what dr. Maral will say. One of the patient can't really understand English, thats why he gave them a heads up in portuguese before meeting dr.Maral. We left the clinic around 11:30am. Once we arrived at the clinic, our bandage was removed by the team one by one, you can feel slight pain in this process but nothing worse than the injections lol. We then met dr. Maral, he answered every single question that you ask. In my case, other than general questions, i was also asking about the hair fibre and aloe vera gel. I was planning to use aloe vera gel to help to reduce the redness quicker, but dr. Maral said it won't really have an effect and it is more a marketing thing. I was also planning to use hair fibre to make sure the redness won't be that obvious when i get back to work, but he suggest not to use anything until month 4-6 as it could block the channel, but he also mentione that i can use it occasionally but not everyday and ensure that i have to wash it after using it. Evertything looks good at this point, let me know if you guys have any questions.

Thank you

Day 4 First Wash

Today is my first washing day, can't wait for this day as before the surgery i always wash my hair everyday. I have uploaded the photo before and after the first wash. There is just a small difference, not sure whether i am being too gentle or not when tapping the area. I had to use the shampoo twice as the lotion was pretty sticky and can't be washed away. The swelling and the itching are still there. For the itching, i suggest avoiding seafood and red meat (beef, lamb), i only had chicken since the first day of my surgery and i don't really have a bad itching so i think that works.

Also, i accidentally hit my head with the price list board on one of the food stall when i was purchasing street food in Sultanahmed, it seems that it didn't damage the graft but it caused a small bleeding on my head. Hopefully, it won't affect the growth.

Day 11 90% scabs gone

I felt like i was being too careful when i cleaned my scabs. By day 9th i still have lots of scabs on both recipient and donor area. I compare myself to a couple of reviews, some of the are almost scabs free by day 9th or 10th so i decided to put a bit more pressure when cleaning the scabs. I gently dragged down the scabs under the shower, did 3 times washing on day 10th and did twice on day 11th, i am now 90% scabs free (recipient area is almost scabs free). It feels much better now. I have been also taking hair nails skin supplement, i hope it can increase the growth speed, thicken the hair and reduce the redness quicker.

2 weeks post op

There is no obvious change from the previous review, but i am currently 99% scabs free. There is no shedding yet, i am expecting it to happen around week 3. Recipient area is still 50% numb, donor area is still a bit red and sore.

Week 4 - Shedding phase

My transplanted hair has been shedding from week 2.5. I reckon around 50% of my transplanted hair is gone. The redness from donor area is still there but it is not really obvious from the photo. Other than shedding, some of my hair is actually broken, quite a lot of them actually, not sure whether it is normal or not. Anyone has experienced the same thing?

Week 6 - Nearly all transplanted hair gone

Hi All,

Nothing has changed much except that i lost most of my tranplanted hair. I guess it is around 95% gone. The redness from my donor area is still there, a bit better but still visible probably because i trimmed the side of my hair to keep it short or else it will look so weird. Waiting for the growth now!!

Week 6 - missing photos

Week 10 - Some hair has started to grow

There was no significant change so i jumped from week 6 to week 10. On week 10 i can see some small hair has come out but it is barely visible on the picture. My recipient is still a little bit numb, the redness on donor are has reduce greatly. I will update next on week 12 (3 months) cause it's when you really see some growth.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Week 12 - 3 months

I am entering 3 months now, hopefully this is where i can see noticeable growth! From week 10-12 i had some growth but it is not that visible, most of them are still tiny thin hair. The donor are is almost unnoticeable now. Hopefully i can get more coverage in the next one month.

Week 16 - 4 Months

I am now 4 months Post op, honestly i was expecting a lot more by month 4 after seeing that most people results at month 4 which show a significant difference. In my case, some hair did grow but not that many, it is also not so much different than month 3 except that my hair are longer. I might be a slow grower and it is too early to say anything. We will see in month 5 in taht case. Any thought about it, please share.

Month 5 (Nearly)

Hi Guys, I am currently just a couple of days before 5 months. Got some new hair growth, but still my hair is still very thin. Overall not so much different from month 4. I am getting a bit worried but i believe my time just have not come yet and it is maybe an asian thing. Comparing to my picture 2 weeks post op, i can see that there is so many hair which shedded and have not grown back yet (hopefully it will grow lol). I am trying to stay positive and i will update again in month 6.

Month 5 (nearly) Picture

Sorry guys, i missed the picts.

He is a fun and straight forward doctor. Highly recommended!

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