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Hello all! Finally the day has come! I have been...

Hello all!

Finally the day has come! I have been doing research for over a year now and truly believe that going through with choosing Dr. Maral is a great choice. Thank you to all the members on this forum who guided me in the right direction. I too plan on doing my best in writing a detailed report through every stage of my trip as well with the different hair stages I experience.

My journey with hair loss started at a pretty young age but only within the last 2 years did I decide I wanted to look at hair procedures. I chose to start looking local at some of the top regarded hair clinics in Vancouver. I was stunned with pricing and didn't even blink before looking online for other clinics. I was hesitant when I read about all these shady places but overall finding this website was the golden ticket. I started firing off emails and before I knew it I had my choices narrowed down throughout Turkey. What made me decide to choose The Maral clinic was the countless great reviews and top notch customer service I received from them.

I have my flight tomorrow and will be arriving in Istanbul on August 19th. To be continued....

Back Home from Istanbul Post Opp

Hey Real self community!

So after a few days in Istanbul I am finally back home. Step by step this was how my trip was broken down. If you have any questions about anything in particular I will do my best to help answer your question :)

I flew into Istanbul on the 19th and sent a message to the driver named Siam. I then received a phone call explaining where I should go once I leave the airport bag checkout area. At first I was was walking around for 15 minutes a but confused but finally there other driver showed up named Hakim? Who was just awesome! He told me that something happened on the Highway in so he was late.

I knew there would be chance that I wouldn't have the procedure completed on the Friday when I arrived. The reason for this is because the clinic has patience from all over the world some with 1 day availability, 2 days etc. The fact that I could push it a day back was used and I had the procedure on Saturday.

The driver brought me back to the hotel which was fine. I am used to N.American hotels so to me it was more a dorm room style but non the less no complaints here. I was told by the driver he would pick me up the next morning and we would have the procedure. The rest is history from there. The staff were amazing and I spent at least 40 minutes chatting with Dr. Maral about basketball to politics to obv hair growth lol. Great man all around and a huge shout out to his crew

I was then driven to the IST airport this morning and sent on my way :)

I didn't really go over the actual procedure, pain(not really, but for some yes) hats to wear, post care and expected growth. As mentioned I can go over some of those topics with anyone looking for some help just hit me up!

It has been just over 24 hours and I have a couple photos below showing before and after photos. I will look to post updated once a week so people can use this as a learning tool much like I did from this community. Thanks!

Week 1 Update

Week 1 Update

So it has actually been 6 days but I have time today so we can say 7 lol.

This week was interesting. Everyday I noticed the redness and swelling go down drastically. I didn't realize how swollen my eyes would get or forehead(none noticed but me).

I found a page on the Maral clinic website discussing the shampooing regime which was very helpful . I have 3 more days of shampooing in which tomorrow will be the first day of actually putting light pressure to remove any scabbing.

Last night was the first night I managed to sleep well...enough without worrying about my crown touching my pillow. I could feel the back of my head get more firm and now doesn't have a most feel to it from the procedure. That being said I am still keeping my hairline and crown away from the pillow even though most research says the follicles are okay now.

I worked yesterday and wore a hat all day. I was a bit worried about the front of the hairline and crown getting touched but I managed (I think) to keep the hat high enough from those areas.

Day 9- Scabs Removed :)

The last 5 days have been influential in the healing process for my head. As you can see from Day 7 to now there has been pretty significant steps in my head healing and scabs falling off.

Routinely within the last couple of days I was comparing my head to other past patients at the Maral clinic to see if my head was healing at the same rate. Almost every patient had similar washing protocols but has some minor differences. On day 7 I was a little concerned but not overly about the scabbing on my head. From other patients photos it looked like more scabbing was formed with deeper "redness" and mine seemed to be more crusty...ewww lol. I realized the fact now that all my scabs are off that everyone heals at a different pace and in different ways so keep that in mind :)

Step 1: I would put the moisturizer lotion on my head, dabbing with my finger. Once finished and you have a clear coat on your head I would leave in for 40 minutes.
Step 2: With the same technique and before actually washing my hair I gently rubbed the shampoo into my hair. I would use a circular pattern with my index finger. The shampoo will run down your face lol...a lot of fun. While doing this I never actually felt any scabs coming off. That doesn't mean their wasn't any falling off I just personally didn't feel it.
Step 3: Go into the shower and while using a "clean" cup wash your hair. I did approx 10 refills of water.
Step 4: I let my hair air dry

On a side note While going to bed or kicking around the house I actually noticed my scabbing come off on its own. At times I would gently put my hands on my hair and gently slide away any loose scabbing. I felt like for me personally this is what made my scabbing come off more so then the shower.

I will do another posting on Day 21.

Are MY Graphs Safe Yet? Video

I thought this was a great video for anyone wondering when their graphs were strong and nesstled inside the scalp.


Looks like 10 ten is the answer after a study conducted by Dr. Berstein

Day 14 Post Opp

Nothing too new to mention except that I I have started working out again since the operation. From my own research I concluded that 10 days post opp was enough time prior to working out. I continue to use the lotion and shampoo from the Maral Clinic with 40 minutes on for the lotion then gentle scrubbing of the shampoo. Things are looking good :)

Day 21 Update

No major changes from last week. Head feels much much better un regards to being sore and itchy.

I picked up some Aloe and use it daily to help with the healing which seems to work well.

The hair is growing longer all over..noticeably in the new hair recipient areas. I can see some shedding already starting and expect to be entering the ugly duckling phase pretty quick...funnnnn

Day 21 Updated

Additional photo

Day 21 Update

Another photo- Back of head. Healing well.

1 Month Post Opp

Hey all!

Another good week of small progression lol. Its hars to tell in the photos but I have loat quite a bit of hair around the front of my hairline and in other areas of the hair. Other then that I have been wearing a hat routinely while working out, work and other day to day activities and the ichiness has slowed down a bit.

Another week and anothwr day closer to hair lol.

Fyi- I will be posting probably every 2-4 weeks as not much is changing week to week right now. I believe the big changes were in month 1 but I will post sooner if I see massive changes going on and I believe it ahould be shared.

Any questions feel free to reach out!

Donor Area Update 4 Months Post

Below is my donor area. Almost fully healed :)

Week 5

This week I definitely see the signs of being un the ugly duckling phase. My camera has auto adjust but the hair is un defferent lengths in the recipient areas and pretty much all the donar hairs that were transplanted have fallen out. I had hair(small amounts If I might add lol) previously on the front of my hairline so I have darker hair growing in there but besides some peach fuzz in the recipient area, nothing to mention. During this week I had a number of zits coming through which is an indication things are in the works up there. We are in early days with atleast I believe 4 months away before noticing any real growth.

6 weeks Post

Hair is steadily growing. Will be needing to trim up the sides and back pretty quick. Progressing along well....

More Photos--6 weeks Post--

As per request here are a few closer photos of my hairline.

7 weeks Post

Small hairs coming through. Fun times.

8 Weeks/ 2 Months Post

Not much has changed from last week. I have a number of hairs in the recepient area of my head that were implanted that have not fallen out and are continually growing. This along with my normal hair is coming back. I have a nymber of pimples here and there aling with my head being itchy on occasion. All that being said I am seeing consistent growth and things look promising!

Week 10 Post Opp

Hello all!

Just a quick update as I have been getting requests on updated photos. I will post an update in 2 weeks which will be week 12 (month 3).

Week 12 Post Opp

Things are moving along as expected. Hairs are coming in a little faster on the left side but I'm sure the right side will catch up.

Week 14 Update

Another fantastic 2 weeks on the board. Overall I see more hair growing daily. Its getting close to the point now where going out in public without a hat is an option. Pumped about this!

Currently I am using a product that enables your hair to look a little thicker. Its designed specifically for hair and is a mineral powder that attaches to the fine hairs and make them look thicker. In time this won't be needed but just for now it works well :)

4 Months Post Opp

Hey all!

Another two weeks past and more hair has been grown. The right side of my hairline has started to come in and overall has caught up.

My new concern is a good one, as I need a haircut lol. The sides and new hair need to be trimmed so all the hair on the top of my haid is the same length. Like I said good issue lol. Good luck to all and as usual I'm here to help of anyone has questions.

First Haircut!

Loving life ;)

My barber will be actually going to the Maral Clinic pretty quick. My local barber is the man. Anyone in and around BC I will give tou his details!

4.5 Month Post

Hair is feeling and looking great! Attached is a number of updated pictures.


Hey all!

Just a quick update. I recently moved and being christmas and New Years things have been crazy. The hair is growing awesome and for the people who think I am using a hair thickinner "I AM NOT" :).

I will post updated photos in a couple days!

5 month Post

Hello everyone!

Thank you for all the great feedback. I just moved and still am waiting for my wifi to be installed so sorry in advance for late messages back to you.

I went out this weekend and needlesa to say people said it looked awesome. All my friends wanted to know the scoop and overall my hair feels great.

I had another haircut last week and am starting to think of new hair styles, great problem to have haha. The attached photos are from last week so my hair I believe is even more full now.

Speak to you all soon!

6 Month Post!

Hey everyone!

My hair has been growing thicker and more full daily! I'm getting haircuts every 2 week (just trims on the side) and have only good things to say! I am getting very busy at work but will do my best to get to questions.


Went to a local barber and had a quick cut. A number 2 on the sides and a quick trim on the top. Feeling fresh baby!

7 Months Post

Hey all,

Thank you for all the kind words! My hair is flowing and I honestly forget what it's like to have less hair...not really but very grateful! I hope I am inspiring people to get this done as it is a game changer.

My hair is actually very long and I need a haircut badly lol. Things feel very good and I am happy with my progress!
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

What can I say.....Dr Maral was fantastic. Not only was he fantastic but so was his team. If I had all of there emails I would touch base and thank them more so. We laughed, talked sports, politics education and my beautiful new hair ;) I recommend anyone looking to get a hair procedure completed to definitely look into using Dr Maral. Hes one of the greats.....

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