Bbl + rhinoplasty with comfort zone booked november 2016 istanbul, turkey

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I am planning a vaser lipo of body with bbl i am...

I am planning a vaser lipo of body with bbl i am enquiring at different clinics for now have quote from comfort surgery, mcan, cliniccenter all based at istanbul and elite after care izmi .cliniccenter and mcan had somewhat same prices than comfort zone than izmir. I dint know where to go all of them replied fast and answered all questions promptly please anyone can help le

Hello babes i have been on this site for quite...

Hello babes i have been on this site for quite some time reading all your reviews it has tought me a lot and informed me well now i have been in contact with different clinics in istanbul from wich i can say all of them have really helpfull through whatsapp and answered all ly questions have been in contact with clinic center, mcanhealth, gbi, eliteaftercare at iemir and comfort zone... Prices are somewhat the same at mcan and clinic center and they were cheaper than was comfort zone and more expensive one was elite aftercare.... My opinion is that comfort zone and elite aftercare do many bbl and have the most experience but i will before making a choice have a face to face consult and ask for portofolio of the dr so that i can see their work basically my choice between elite ftercare and comfort zone so looking for people

Who had work done by one of them



Comfort Zone or Elite Aftercare? Surgery November 2016

Helloooo dolls

A last shout out to get ladies that went to one of the 2 clinics mentionned above?

I am torn between the 2 clinics bt need to make a choice fast so to book all and get this done.

am looking to get like all of us the nice hourglass figure with fat on
hips and bum. I also got different suotes from diff doctors at DR bt
honestly its just to complicated for me to go there since i hve a 1,5
year old running around ...

Iboth comfort and elite have been
great with answering and very helpfull... I just wished i could see more
before and after pics from real clients on this site so if anyone can
help me pleassseee xxx

Made my choice and Comfort Zone Surgery it will be

Hello dolls just to update you that i will have surgery at istanbul with comfort zone the date will be 3 or 4 november 2016... I will document everything and keep you posted on my journey with pictures... Take a good look at the before op cause that will be gone pretry soon

Ticket booked travelling 2 november

Hey dolls so today i made the tickets... travelling to istanbul on the 2 nd november my husband will join me on ly trip and i probably will take my son as well...engin said it was absolutely nonproblem to take your kid along as long that there would be a second adult to be with him wich is ofcourse more than will be on the 3 rd november....its reaaaal now and feeling exited bt also nervous as it will be 2 operations at same time and abroad ???????????? i dont know how i am so crazy to go ahead with this haha bt many do it so it should be fine wish me luck i will update all and document with pics end video


Flying to turkey today

Goodmorning peeps we flying out today will arrive at 7.30 to ight do we just gonna unpack and sleep...tomorrow at 10 am ill have consult and if all okey will have surgery later on fingers crossed

Surgery today in few hours

Morning dolls is 5.30 am i wike up an hiur ago and cant sleep anymore ill have my surgery in a few hours.
When i arrived engin patient coordinator told me dr was nt feeling well and fluish so we postponned the surgery with one day so ill be going in later.
All had been amazing and caring the staff and engin are really hartwarming people the villa is super amazing in the hills surrounded by nature it gives a really calm feeling. So up untill now i cant say one bad word about arrangments everything is A++ i will updat pics of the villa later kiss dolls

Day 3 after surgery

Hey dolls the surgery went well i only felt really relly bad from the anastesi i slept one day at hospital and i was so happy the next morning i could be at the patient villa ... really a family orientated recovery house i had to leave my son here ofcourse with ly husband bt they treated him as their feeling so much better today and will have my shower afterwards so i will be able to see what happened there the dr gave an athletic look do veryyyy curious to i have pointed out before i am nt for the slimthick bt i like curves and a firm booty...untill now no complaints what so ever... engin is really almost at the villa with his patients and he is reallyhands on with arranging things and making sure all gies smooth and a patient dont need to ask for nothingor wait for anything. Post dome oics later

First look at myself i am sooooo happyyyyy

I just took a shower and the maids are washing the garment ill have it back on in bout 30 min bt hahaha i have been taking pics of myself like a papparazzii ???????????? i am so happy at this point he gave me the curves i asked for and i hope the fat will not go axay too much...well dolls take a look at what comfort zone surgery is capable of xxx

Post op day 3 pics

I cried tears of happiness earlier cause they say this is only the beginning and in about 6 weeks all swelling will be gone...already feeling more confident and omg i have not had a flat tummy in 16 years it feels like somebody else s body i am so happy with the choice i made. Comfort zone surgery delivered me what i wished for so all i can say they can give curves and booty 100% and outside of that i feel at home here everything is taken care of

Back booty shot

I am so gratefull for these results xx

Day 6 post op

I am feeling very good only the sleeping is getting me off... cant sleep on ly stomach due to nosejob so supporting my bum with pillows...anyway had my check up yesterday and all look so amazing dr ilker reinjected 1000cc in each cheeck and hip it means a good 4 l of fat he has taken from this body i am extatic... what i like here a lot is that they dont make a big deal of it of sitting on ur bum or having these massages like ur life depends on it... masages are adviced for people who already have a lot of loose skin and more bigger girls... garment to wear about 6 weeks and restart ur excercise also in 6 weeks not too much extra ...
Skinnier girls with good skintone dont need to much aftercare cause ur body will do it all by itself.

Another big + for comfort zone surgery

I forgot to mention that what i like most of comfort zone surgery is that yes they agree a price with you bt once you are at the clinic they are not difficult to chip in some extra areas or do some extra for you... for example i asked for fat transfer to cheeks and under the eyes bt the dr put fat everywhere in ly face where needed to give me a facelift .... just sayin... as i was planning a minilift for next year ... COmfort Zone Surgery already gave it to me with just fat transfer to some extra places that i did not pay for actually do really A + service ...

Post op pic 9 days after perfect hourglass

Im not gonna write too much cause pics speak more than a 1000 words one happy client

2 weeks and a bit post op pics still some swelling

Clothes on

3 weeks post op still some swelling and stiffness im waiting impatiantly

Before and after 3 weeks post

Before after

4 weeks post op

4 weeks 2 days post op difference between normal lipo and vaser lipo !!!

Hey ladies i just want to show you my update and what a difference using vaser lipo gives you everyday i am more amazed by the results happening and the change in my body really so happy so ladies take a good look

Almost 6 weeks post op

Time flies and the healing is almost complet the numbness is fading away and when i touch ly body it actually starts to feel normal those who had lipo know what i mean... my butt dometimes when sitting to long or laying down i get like a warming up sensation on the area where the fat has been put back than i just lay differently and the sensation goes away

8 week post op

Happy new year dolls here is an update i really love my body shape have not lost volume on hips or nt even bum sometimes it looks like it goes bigger even... i still have some swelling on lower abdomen and when i di not wear ly garment i swell up and only in the waist area i have lots of itching and sometimes burning sensations when i dont wear the garmen so im still wearing it

Downside to abroad surgery is for me tou can not hop in the car and go to surgeon for check up this really really bothers me

10 weeks post op

4 months post op

Ilker Manavbasi

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