29 Years Old, Mother, Own Company and from Denmark - Istanbul, Turkey

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I have followed you girls for almost 2 years now.....

I have followed you girls for almost 2 years now... It has been amazing to read all of your reviews, seeing your incredible pictures of your transformations etc... Thank you! :) Now I have finally done it.... I got my beloved brazilian buttlift AND a fullbody vaser Lipo suction with Body sculping....! I travelled from Denmark to Turkey, where I found My new plastic surgeon. Professor Murat Topalan. He is actually an american citizen, so there were no problem understanding eachother... :) I will use RS to give you My reviews and so on.. :) Thanks for being part of this community

BBL and full Body vaser lipo

This is no joke.... The pain is serious :-O I have gained over 10 kg In fluids after The surgery.... But In The end, I am sure Its all worth it! :)

So much changing In a few days!

I have to take pictures, almost everyday, so I dont go "blind" on it.... My boyfriend took a picture of me The Day after min BBL and fullbody vaser Lipo and then I took one myself Yesterday, 9 days post... Both in my fajah... I can truly see a huge difference! Though I am so swollen I have already lost so many centimeters all over... I love it!!

LOOK at this progress! ????????????????????????????

Still filled with fluids but look at this!! I am so amazed! :) happy, happy, happy! 5 liters og fat was talen out at 650 cc's were put In each cheek ?????????????? The Day after I almost regret My actions.... But look at it now... I am HAPPY! :)

15 days post bbl and vaser lipo

Wow... Insane changes.. Only In 15 days! I still have soreness, swelling and somewhat discomfort... But every day it gets better.... :)

20 days post BBL and vaser lipo

Still a bit sore but My bruising has gone Down a lot... :) Tomorrow is already 3 weeks post op.! Crazy! Feels like it was Yesterday.... I am very happy with My new Body.. I just think I Might need some more fullness to The buttcheeks.. I guess I just have to do squats... I'd hoped to reduce The time In The gym though.... :-/ Love My new waist! :)
Professor Murat Topalan

Amazing! So much experience! :)

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