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Hello everyone, I'm Mel I'm 26 from London. I am...

Hello everyone, I'm Mel I'm 26 from London. I am writing this review to help those who are looking for a good surgeon. I'd also like to share my story with you.

In 2011 I had a Rhinoplasty at Transform with DR Lahoud. This was the only consultation I had attended and the only surgeon I had met. Sadly my reason to have a rhinoplasty was not for myself and this was the biggest mistake I have ever made and I regret it very much. (If you are considering surgery please do it for your own reasons to make yourself happy! ) i had rushed into it and didn't do enough research in fact I didn't do any I just wanted my faults to disappear. (please take your time and do loads of research ! It's your face Were talking about and every surgeon will do a worse or better job than the other) I didn't know what to expect from my consultation nor surgeon because I had no other to compare it to so I thought everything was as it should have been. ( make sure you attend loads of consultations before deciding! ) As soon as my operation was over the first thing I noticed was the cast on my nose was bent. Dr Lahoud came in to see me and I remember very well the way he looked at me.. I knew something went wrong. I was patient and I waited a year or so for swelling to go down to see the final results. Unfortunatly the outcome wasn't as I expected or hoped. My nose was very deviated and out of proportion. My nostrils were enemies and my nose was falling off my face! Seriously. Although my side profile was everything I wanted. I visited dr Lahoud several times about my concerns but he was denying everything I could see. Years went by and I became severly depressed. I felt disfigured and abnormal. I didn't feel comfortable speaking to people face to face I was embarrassed of myself and i didn't feel normal.
During the 5 years living with my botched nose, I researched High and low for the best surgeon in revision to correct the faults from my primary rhinoplasty with Transform. I attended many consultations. I was referred by my GP to many hospitals, I saw ENT surgeons, the NHS And private cosmetic surgeons in Hrley street etc. A few surgeons I saw... Dr Riccado Frati, Basim Matti, Charles East was an option but I didn't attend, Mya.. awful experience! all the surgeons I had seen either said they couldn't help me or recommended me to Basim Matti. Now from all the researching I did DR Basim Matti is the best well recommended surgeon for rhino revision in London. Although the reviews on here were putting me off and I wasn't 100% one thing I've learnt is you have to be 100% or more when it comes to surgery ! So I put it on hold. This time I decided to research out of London.
After months I found the perfect surgeon. DR Emre Ilhan. What I admired about this surgeon is that he has proof and he shows all his work! he specialises in Revision and is an ENT which means I will still be able to breath after surgery ! I can't stress enough how important this is. So many people go for cosmetic surgeons but when it comes down to your nose go for an ENT because he will know all he ins and outs of your nose and therefore your in better hands of knowledge and practice.
I booked my consultation and I waited 6 months! But it was worth the wait and if it was such a long wait he must be really good i thought !
Finally the day came !!! 21st Feb I will never forget this day. I met potentially the surgeon who could change my life and my only hope! If this man can't help me who can ! My consultation was very different to all the others I had attended and that was a lot ! Every time I visited his clinic it was full with operated patients. I could see how amazing he was, I had conversations with his patients in the waiting room and they were all very satisfied and happy. He had patients traveling to see him from Canada, Germany, Australia like all across the world!
When I was called in Dr Emre was professional friendly and endearing. He was very thorough and made sure he knew all my problems and my desires. I felt assure and safe. He knew exactly what went wrong with my nose before I even said a thing. I saw him again for another consultation that same day and he took pictures of my nose from every angle and uploaded them onto the computer. He showed me exactly what he plans on doing and made sure I liked it and if I'd like to make changes. He then made a plan on paper and marked diagrams planning how he was going to operate on my nose. My consultation was so professional it made me feel important and in the safest of all clinics I had ever visited. He knew exactly what to do and I trusted him over 100%!
Dr Emre was so kind enough to have given me a cancellation so luckily that same week my operation was going to take place! i was over the moon!

The surgery.. My surgery took place at Memorial hospital it was a private hospital very clean and all staff were friendly. I had my own private room where my blood tests were taken. Dr emre Ilhan visited me before surgery to make sure I was okay and gave me information about the after care and answered all my questions. I was well looked after every step of the way and there wasn't a doubt in my mind. After I was taken into the surgery room where I again met Dr Emre. We took a quick selfie and was ready to go ! Lol He had a really fun hat on too which made me laugh before I fell asleep lol :) I woke up and an ice cold mask was put onto my face to reduce swelling and bruising. And it really worked! I spent the night at the hospital and was well taken care off the staff were great.
The next morning I was allowed to go home! Dr emre organises an apartment for you to recover in if you are travelling from abroad for the op. I stayed there, it was close to the hospital and close to DR emre in case of any emergency which was great. There I recovered and visited Dr Emre a week after surgery for a check up. I visited him after again to remove my stitches and the stuffing up my nose and the cast to be removed! ! It really didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. His stitching was beautiful so perfect I don't have scarring! As soon as my cast was removed I burst into tears! I had a straight normal nose!! And also I could breath !?? I never knew I couldn't before !! It was an unforgettable moment. I could not believe it. his work was beyond my expectations! I have no idea how he managed it but it's perfect and is everything it should have been before ! Dr Emre Ilhan I love you ! You have not only fixed my nose but you fixed the way I feel on the inside and changed my life! I will never forget this man for the rest of my life. Saying bye to Dr Emre Ilhan was sad he's not only an amazing surgeon but he's a amazing person and through this journey he has been a Friend to me I hope to know forever. Thank you Dr Emre Ilhan!

Photos revision with Emre Ilhan

Before ! Primary nose with Transform :( botched ! Before secondary with Emre Ilhan

Before - primary with Transfrom Dr Lahoud :(

Here's some more pictures during my recovery :)

Week 4 post op :)

Still numb and alot of swelling to go down, I can just about feel and move my nostrils now :) yey!

Pictures x before and before

Hello :) I have been received loads of emails for photos, so I have attached before and after pics for you all :) minus my eyes and lips lol happy recovery to all and to the rest of you have hope and patience because we have Dr Emre Ilhan ! ?????????????????????????????

More pics

A day to 9 month post op :) here is my update x

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