Breast Augmentation for Small, Tubular Breasts

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*Treatment results may vary

Pro:My breast seem bettercons:Now Im always...

Pro:My breast seem better

cons:Now Im always concerned and do research about my problem,it makes my mind busy all the time.Even I can not concentrate on my daily life:(

I did it because I have tubular and very small breasts.

Hi this is my 2nd question about my breast has been 8 months after surgery,I still have swelling or somewhat at my right breast,it was swelling firstly(normal),later defined as hematome(normal to my doc and not a complication also).and my doc told me that the body will absorbe this blood collection,and advised me not to panic(as usual)But Im sure that sth is going wrong,I still sometimes feel pain at right breast,its swollen at the bottom,but its not an abnormal appearence.especially in my approaching menstruation period I feel severe pain.What can this be ?can you please inform me about the complication possibilities and cures?if it is hematome can it be drained?or is it too late to drain?do u advise me messeging harsly my right breast??m waiting for your answers.Thanks a lot from now.
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be sure and believe in ur doctor

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