Aggravated Acne; No Improvemennt in Breakouts, Red Marks or Pores

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I got four Isolaz treatements at $375 each,...

I got four Isolaz treatements at $375 each, finishing the last treatment a month ago.

I am very dissatisfied with the results.  I saw zero improvement in the amount, size or lifespan of breakouts,  and no improvement in red marks or pore size. 

Futhermore, I think Isolaz has made my skin look worse.  After each treatment I experienced a bad breakout with deep painful cysts that I have never experience before (I mainly get 1 medium-sized pustule at any given time).  These cysts left uncommonly large red marks.  Also, I think the suction pulled up sebum from below my skin's surface and just kind of left it at the now I'm left with even larger, more visible pores with non-inflamed comedones.  I might just try a regular old $100 facial to try to get rid of these! 

I'm not mentioning my doctor because I really liked her and I think she's an excellent physician!  Any negativity in my review is not towards my doctor, but just he way the procedure interacted with my own skin.  I just think it's important to keep in mind that Isolaz may not be for everybody.

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