Can I Really Wear Shorts Again? - Irving, TX

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I have been plagued with cellulite for the past 5...

I have been plagued with cellulite for the past 5 years, and I haven't worn shorts since. I'm already pretty curvy, but after my baby came more dimples and stretch marks. Although my cellulite is not horrible, it has been a source of embarrassment for me. I even try to hide it from my husband. I will be having my procedure this weekend!|

I met with Dr. Powell and was instantly excited about the potential of having smooth thighs. After my one consultation with him, I really didn't want to go anywhere else. He seemed just as excited as I did. I love Dr. Powell and his staff. Courtney is such a doll! Dr. Powell explained everything to me very carefully and answered all my questions. I hope this works. I posted a few before pics.

Will post more after the procedure. And yes, the bum is kinda large...can't do much about that. LOL!

Just had my procedure. I feel absolutely fine....

Just had my procedure. I feel absolutely fine. Still pretty numb, so I'm not feeling much at all. Dr. Powell was great. I can't say enough about him and his wonderful staff. The numbing process was a bit painful, but it was over before you know it. Now, I'm off to eat dinner with my hubby before the numbing meds wear off. Praying that the results go a smoothly as the procedure did!

Woke up this morning to some pretty smooth legs. I...

Woke up this morning to some pretty smooth legs. I have no bruising, which is weird, but hey I'm ok with that. If my legs look this god already, I can imagine what they Will look like in a few weeks. I can't wait to work out. GET CELLULAZE FRIENDS!!!!

Owwww....5 Days after my procedure and I'm just...

Owwww....5 Days after my procedure and I'm just really starting to feel pain. My legs are really achy now. They seem to hurt more when I take off the compression garment. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I must have been floating on my numbing high for the first few days. I'm a bit down today. Had to take some meds for pain. And my compression garment is irritating me. My legs feel so itchy. I just want to make sure I give you guys the good and bad of my experience. I'm still thinking positive. It'll all be worth it room :)

Soon not room....LOL.

Soon not room....LOL.

I think I'm dealing with a bit of depression. I've...

I think I'm dealing with a bit of depression. I've been so sore. I have seen some results, but not in the main area I was concerned with. I'm having crazy "what if I'm the one person it doesn't work on" thoughts. Even though I know it may take up to 6 mos to see results. My rational mind knows this, but it does not stop me from feeling down. I did a little research because I wanted to see if this feeling was normal... here is a summary of my research: "Quite frequently patients experience a brief period of "let-down" or depression after cosmetic surgery. Some may subconsciously have expected to feel and look better "instantly," even though they rationally understand that this will not be the case. Patients commonly question their decision to have surgery during the first few days after surgery. " Good to know I may not be alone. #Bummed

It's been two weeks since my procedure. Bruising...

It's been two weeks since my procedure. Bruising and swelling is pretty much gone. I've seen some minimal results on some of my deeper dimples under my bum. I look a lot better in my own mirror then the ones at clothing stores. Ugh!! It's the worse. My advice is to have Cellulaze in the fall because wearing the garment or spanx in the Texas heat is brutal. Also, I would stay away from the bad lighting of dressing room mirrors. The itching from the garment was easily resolved with a great suggestion from Dr. Powell's office. I simply wear some thin tights under my garment. It has helped out tremendously.

Recently, I've been feeling some pea sized bumps under my skin. I calles my doc and they suggested massage and heating pads. They told me I should definitely come in if they are larger than a pea. During the massage, my husband felt more than I thought were there. I think I'm just gonna go in the insure that everything is ok.

Well, it's been a month since my procedure. The...

Well, it's been a month since my procedure. The bruising is pretty much gone, however I do see a bit of a dark shadow on the front of my thighs. The achy feeling is gone, however my skin is still sore to the touch. Shaving my legs is still pretty painful.

Now for the important stuff...the results...or, lack there of. I guess because my cellulite was so minimal I was expecting to see results immediately. I have seen the two dimples under my bum become a bit more flush, but my area of main concern(front and inner thighs) look the same, and in one spot, a bit worse. I'm really trying to be optimistic, but I won't be buying shorts anytime soon. I feel a little foolish, and kind of superficial. It sure was a lot of money. Oh well. I'll be patient and see what happens in another month. Good luck ladies.

Hi Real Self Friends, I know It has been a...

Hi Real Self Friends,

I know It has been a minute since I've updated my profile. It has been 9 weeks since my procedure, and I have had a lot of developments since then. First of all, I am expecting my second child. I'm about 12 weeks preggo! I have been beating myself up because as happy as I am about having a new little baby, I was pretty bummed that I had just spend thousands on a procedure that will probably be ruined with all the pregnancy hormones. After slapping myself around a bit I finally stopped the pitty party and started being truly grateful for my new little blessing.

Despite the pregnancy hormones, I am still seeing some results. Am I 100% cellulite free, No, but I would say my cellulite has improved. I'm still a bit chunkier that I would like, but I can see some spots where there is some signs of smoothing. I am hoping to continue to see results, but now I'm just gonna focus on having a healthy pregnancy. See the pics for results!
Dr. Charles Powell

No complaints....the procedure went as smooth as I could imagine.

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