Light Peel--better for Younger Patients - Irvine, CA

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I went in for a mid-level TCA peel. I don't know...

I went in for a mid-level TCA peel. I don't know why but I let the nurse asst convince me that the TCA peel would be too inconvenient and the benefits would not match the downtime. She insisted that VI peel was the way to go. Nurse asst applied the VI peel. No pain, no problems. Went home. Followed directions. Several hours later, neck was very itchy. Almost unbearable. Had no Benadryl and I didn't want to lessen the effects of the VI peel so did not apply anything topically, either. Just lived with it. Continued to follow instructions and the peeling started within two days. Wasn't bad. I didn't want to gross people out so stayed home mostly. By fourth day was good to go--using only VI products and suncreeen. Not worried about my appearance up close by this point. All in all it was fine but I'd never do it again. I would say this is for very, very mild brown spots and very, very mild wrinkling. I would say it is similar to a microdermabrasion. Would not do again. Kind of upset that my doc, whom I've been seeing since 1998, let nurse talk me into spending $300 for something that would provide very minor benefits to me. I'm 44, vertical wrinkles all around mouth, mild sun damage on cheeks. Save your money and go for a fraxel type laser or TCA peel
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