Vaser Lipo Chest Reduction (Male)

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I had vaser lipo chest reduction (male) on...

I had vaser lipo chest reduction (male) on saturday and although I know its still very early on I still seem to have moobs. Granted there smaller then they were and they look a lot better however there still seems to be fat around the nipple and around the side of the breast. My surgeon is off until thursday when I have a follow up consultation but im not sure if this is normal swelling that will go down or if the procedure has not been a success/ done correctly.

still undetermined on the results, i really wanted this procedure as my moobs have been a real problem for years. I just hope I get a good result I said to my surgeon I want normality but not sure if this has been delivered.

One thing that is also on my mind is the procedure was not only uncomfortable but also painful and the surgeon seemed aware of this pain so im concerned he didnt complete the procedure fully because of this. Can anybody offer some advice. Thanks


Updated on Sep. 5, 2010:

Hi all, from my first post my results were not good after a few months, after doctor fobbing me off I threatened to complain and he did the surgery again for free, was very painful again and results are now a bit uneven and iv stoppped wearing the garment. overall i would not recommend this surgery as by reading other posts it does not seem to do what it says on the tin and having a doctor who clearly is not that good does not help

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still undetermined

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